Intimate Birthday Party: Five Ideas Worth to Steal

September 08, 2021

Pandemic has changed the way see the world or any situation we live in. For instance, the thought of working from home might be a burden for many people before. Yet, now we have found the comfort of finishing our work from the comfort of our bedroom. Wedding parties that used to be thrown in a lavish manner is now also changing into something more intimate.

The same thing goes for other social engagement such as gathering, reunion, even birthday party. These days, many of us prefer to gather small size of people to such events. Not only to protect ourselves during this pandemic, intimate event often considered to be more meaningful. On this month’s article, we have compiled five fun and simple ideas for any of your upcoming life celebration – including birthday party. Hope you can find an inspiration from it!

Picnic style


Josue Michel for Unsplash

Since the beginning of this pandemic, you might have notice the ever-growing demand for outdoor tourist sites around Jakarta. Many people wish to spend quality time with friends of family, without risking their safety by spending hours on an indoor setting. Thankfully, a lot of places in Jakarta now offers outdoor seating or areas as their main attraction. This then led to the rising trend of fun activity such as picnic and everything related to it - birthday party is one of the best examples. People started to incorporate picnic's aesthetic as their birthday essentials. Tasty yet light food, refreshing drinks, fresh fruits. mason jars, plaid napkin - you can add everything you can think of about the word 'picnic' into this birthday party ideas!

Express your love with food


Jacob Lund for Canva

It's impossibe to talk about birthday without birthday breakfast, lunch, or dinner tradition. According to an article released by in 2019, food has been a significant part of birthday celebration around the world for many years. In honor of someone's birthday, friends and relatives will usually gather to prepare their favorite food. For country like China, there is a unique tradition where people will eat wheat noodle soup on their birthday as a symbol of longevity. The tight bond of birthday celebration and food makes it easier for your those of you who are planning to throw a party around this theme. Set up a food truck then add some stalls around the venue - this will guarantee you one festive celebration.

Special movie night


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There's nothing more fun than to spend the night with your closest friends, while watching movies or series released on Netflix. As mentioned before, the pandemic has changed the way we see and do things - that include how we pick our source of entertainment or stress reliever activity. Thus for Netflix buffs out there, celebrating your birthday with movie night theme should definitely be on top of the list! Not only you don't have to leave the comfort of your own home, this theme requires minimal effort. All you have to do is to pick a movie that can lighten up the mood, set up the place to watch it, prepare your birthday cake and an array of delicious snacks, and don't forget to put some fun decors around the house. Sometimes, the best thing in life is often simple.

City staycation


On September 2020, The Jakarta Post released an article around tourism trends that will continue to grow after the pandemic. On this list, domestic tourism and staycation is predicted to be the most seek after activities by travelers - especially when hotels can offer a great health security. If you want to do something different for this year's birthday, city staycation will be one of the best options available. Plan your stay at least a week before your arrival, because chances are you will get a great Early Bird deal. Choose a room that can accomodate up to 4 adults, so you and your friends can have more spaces. Don't forget to bring a birthday cake and blow the candles on midnight!

Chef for the day


vadimguzhva for Canva

Want to try something unique and different on your birthday without leaving the house? Cooking class will definitely be another great option. But, since we're living in the middle of pandemic, there are many vendors that are now collaborate with renown chefs to offer interactive classes. For example, company like Cozy Meal has a wide selection of classes that you can check out on their website From making handcrafted Sushi, homemade Miso Ramen, to Classic Chinese Soup Dumplings - the possibilities are endless. This activity will not only be a fun yet heartwarming way to celebrate your birthday, but it'll also give you an opportunity to learn something new every day.