New Resolutions for New Year: 5 Simple Things to Make 2022 Worthwhile

January 05, 2022

Happy New Year from House Sangkuriang Bandung! How's the first month of 2022 has been treating you so far? We're hoping that every plans you've made this week can run smoothly, so you'll get the chance to make this year as your moment. But if you're starting to struggle to balance out career, friendship, family, and personal life this early - there's no need to wave the white flag just yet. 2022 will still be here for the next 11 month and we are certain that you can get through everything that life throws at you.

On this month's article, we have decided to share some little tips on how to make your time worthwhile on a new year. Although the topic seems to lean on a heavier side, we will focus on the simplest things in life that we need to pay more attention to. From exploring new skills to keeping our mental health in checked, we are hoping that you can get something positive out of this article. Happy reading and have a wonderful new year!

Adopt healthier lifestyle


Have you ever considered how many sugars contain in a cup of boba milk tea or the fat content of your favorite fast food? Although consuming this combo feels like heaven on earth, but we must realize that there will be a price to pay in the long run. After a few years, our health will be affected by this lifestyle and a short trip to the doctor's office will no longer be quaint. Sure enough, this isn't how we see our future - everyone wish to have a good and healthy life as long as possible. So in order to avoid such unfortunate scenario, try to maintain your healthy by switching to healthier lifestyle. Eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water, avoid junk food, lower your sugar intake, and start doing light exercise every morning. Though changes can be frightening and difficult, there is nothing we can't do if we put our mind to it.

Explore new hobbies


A lot of times, we feel like we've been wasting our time to pursue or hobby. From collecting action figure, rare books, to gardening, this activity is seen as something that is served no purpose apart from self-satisfaction. But, did you know that having a hobby brings a lot of benefit to a person? An article from mentions that hobbies provide an opportunity for someone to interact and share his/her pursuit with other people. Not only that, hobbies can also sharpen our mind for the long run. So, it is safe to say that having a fun hobby is not a waste of time - especially if you can get tons of benefits out of it! For instance, activity like gardening is not only good for physical but also mental health! In an article released by UNC Health Talk, gardening is believed to be an activity that can boost our self-esteem, improve hand strength, and reduce stress - it's a win-win solution!

Keep your mental health in checked


At some point in life, we are struggle to keep ourselves away from pressure and stress that sometimes can feel overwhelming. In order to keep everything afloat, we will then pretend as if this situation is not bothering us at all. We keep on going without realizing the darkness that lurks within. An article released by Mental Health Foundation while stress response can help us overcoming fear or pain, it can also be damaging in the long run. When someone experience too much pressure on day-to-day basis, they can get stuck in a 'flight or fight' states which can create a great sense of overwhelmed. Once we are unable to cope in this unfortunate situation, our mental health will be paying the price. So in order to prevent it from occuring, keeping our mental health in checeked becomes highly necessary. Try to spend more time to participate in relaxing activities such as yoga, meditation, or any of your choosing. Take some time off from your hectic life to travel can work just as good.

Treat yourself with thoughtful gifts


"Be kind to your body, gentle with your mind, and patient with your heart" is a very great quote to life by. Because if you think about it, sometimes being kind to ourselves is harder than we think. We might spend more time to offer a helping hand for people around us, yet we quickly dismiss ourselves once we feel overwhelmed. Now since we have started the beginning of a new year, bringing new changes in life is highly encouraged. Obviously, you don't have to climb Mount Everest or make a spontaneous decision to move abroad. Changes can be started by altering your mindset about yourself. Be kind to yourself, spend more time alone, book a flight to a wonderful destination, have a lovely staycation, or buy that new clothes you've been dreaming about! 

Spend more time with loved ones


Living in a big city can be exciting, yet there are times when we feel nothing but loneliness. Co-founder of Amala (school for refugee), Polly Akhurst, mentions that city life can feel empty due to the lack of close-knit community within. People are having difficulties to trust each other, therefore it will be harder to create a connection. We are certain that many of us have experienced the same dreadful feelings. Though it can be overwhelming, there are a few things that we can do to prevent this situation from reoccuring. In the spirit of new year, you might want to start reconnecting with friends or family members who you haven't been able to talk to in quite some time. You can also join a new class or community that will allow you to meet new people. Last but not least, try to spend more time with the people you love the most. Cherish their presence and make sure they realize how important your relationship is. 

Once again, have a wonderful new year. May we are blessed with health and happiness from this day onwards.